About Glass Distractions

Kevin and Jenee Turner, natives to San Diego, started the company Glass Distractions in the year of 96'. They are self taught and developed a strong passion and love for glass. At the time they were living in Berkeley Ca., where their passion for torch work, pyrex glass first began. A few months after blowing glass they were the first glassblowers to purchase a vending license for Telegraph Ave. Continuing their journey selling their first beads, marbles, and jars. They began to crave an education in studio soft glass art and decided to move back to San Diego in 97'. They took glassblowing classes for a year at Palomar College, where they also met up with glass artist Mike Laird. Kevin and Jenee were ready to expand their own glass studio and began to take on apprentices. Avi joined the GD team of glass in 98'. Today Avi is an important back bone of Glass Distractions, and an amazing artist. Glass distractions has been going strong for the last 16 years. Their team of glassblowers has a blast bouncing ideas off of eachother, creating some of the most unique pieces of glass art.

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